Who are the SES volunteers?

The SES volunteers are a dedicated group of people drawn from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all professions. All have a common desire to make a contribution within the community by offering emergency assistance. These volunteers make themselves available to be called out to emergencies, without payment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as and when required.

Western Australians benefit every time an SES volunteer responds to an emergency.

It is a proud record that SES volunteers have saved the lives and property of countless Western Australians.

What are their Activities?

Some of the activities carried out by the Armadale Unit are:

Other areas of training include:


Latest addition

A gallery from a Car v House on 14-Sep-2013 was added to the Callouts page.

The Armadale Unit

Our Local Manager is:
Peter Clark

Our Address is:
53 Owen Road
WA 6111

Our email address is:
Please use the feedback link
at the bottom of the page

Our Phone Number is:
(08) 9497 1266

Day and Time we meet:
Wednesday @7:30pm