Food for better sex

I have recently changed my diet and I have noticed that my libido improved. It has been a gradual process and did not happen overnight. Working the nightshift at Ealing escorts of can be a lot of hard work and I did notice that I was losing my energy. It felt like it was being drained out of me, and that is really no good if you are going to be dating all of the time. Checking my diet out, I realized that I was eating too many sugary snacks so that was the first thing that had to go. Actually I would say that giving up sugar was the hardest.


One of the other girls here at Ealing escorts had gone through the same thing, so I sort of followed her example. She started by cutting out all sugary snacks and drinks. The worst thing about sugar is that you start to crave it and that is what had happened to me. I was so addicted to sugar that I almost got the shakes when I started to cut out sugar. Sometimes, I still feel the pull of sugar but I make sure that I have a healthy snack sweetened by Stevia instead.


I have not really ever been into fatty food, so that was not a problem. But I did notice that I ate a lot of meat. When I was younger I used to eat a lot of fish. For some reason I remembered how good that fish use to taste, so I went back to that instead. It was not a gradual process, I just stopped eating meat one day and went onto fish. It may have been a shock to the system but it did make me feel a lot. Now I have fish at least once a day and I look so much better for it.


The other thing that I have been really interested in is organic food. I find that when I eat organic food, I feel a lot better and have more energy. It is not that hard to get hold of organic fruit and vegetables so I immediately switched to an organic diet. At first I thought that stuff tasted strange but in fact, I was just relearning how to taste natural food. It was weird but it made me realize that the food that we eat is rather polluted. A couple of the other girls at Ealing escorts have done the same thing and it has worked.


Watching your diet is important and working long hours at Ealing escorts does not exactly make it easy. I love my job, but my priority is now to look after myself. I love that I am feeling that better and my libido is sky high. Like so many of the other girls at Ealing escorts, I should have done this ages ago. It was rather a change but I know that it has benefited me and I feel like I am super sexy and on top of the world.

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